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Terms and Conditions

When booking an appointment with Studio Infinity you are acknowledging and confirming the following:

The Salon will not be responsible or liable if the result of the service is not as expected as it should be.

You will follow the regimen and the suggested follow-ups of the salon in maintaining and treating your hair.

You are allowing the Salon to apply necessary chemicals as part of the service in your hair treatment.

You understand that the result of this chemical may vary from one person to another.

You agree that the hairstyle is final after the service. If there are any changes after the service ends, the client may be charged.

You consent the Salon to take photographs of the provided service.

You consent the Salon in terms of sharing the photograph to social media for marketing campaigns or testimonials.

You confirm that children are not allowed in the work service area for safety reasons unless they are getting a service done.

You acknowledge that the Salon stylists are licensed professionals and should be treated with respect all the time.

You acknowledge that the Salon stylist will have a consultation and will determine if the service is considered a corrective color.

Corrective Color means:

● More time and expertise is required than with a standard color service.

● Reconstructive treatments may be needed prior to color services.

● Multiple visits will likely be required to achieve your desired color.

● Each subsequent visit will be a separate color service with separate charges applied.

● Specific products/treatments may be recommended to use at home to help guarantee color

correction results.

A credit card may be required to book an appointment.

When booking an appointment with Studio Infinity you acknowledge you have read this whole document and accept the terms indicated above.

Cancelation Policy

We ask that you please cancel 24 hours before your scheduled appointment time or you may be charged a cancelation fee of up to the full service amount.